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Proofpoint, Inc. is an enterprise cybersecurity company with various products and services.  Founded in 2002, Proofpoint has since grown to more than 3,600 employees serving over 8,000 enterprises worldwide. In 2021 Proofpoint was acquired in a transaction that valued Proofpoint at $12.3 billion.

Since 2018, Proofpoint has been working with Cassandra Gucwa and the Menerva Digital team across several aspects of the brand’s digital front. During that time, Proofpoint averaged a +29% growth rate in organic traffic every year. Based on its success, Proofpoint has granted Menerva Digital more autonomy which has spurred even larger gains in organic traffic growth in recent years.


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Menerva Digital is deeply unified with Proofpoint’s internal processes and has a shared understanding of its business and goals. Menerva meets with the Proofpoint team on an ongoing basis to discuss strategic growth opportunities, market trends, and other avenues to drive business growth. Then Menerva Digital works with Proofpoint to execute in the most efficient way.

Every quarter, a gap analysis is conducted across 5-6 of Proofpoint’s product lines. In doing so, the brand’s product marketing managers provide campaign briefs to Menerva’s SEO team which outlines their target audience, messaging, and topics they want to target. The SEO team then conducts keyword research and outlines exactly where Proofpoint is visible and isn’t visible in organic search, thereby highlighting major content gap opportunities for key product lines.

From the content gap analysis, the SEO team formulates content suggestions and detailed content briefs for both new content and updates to existing content. Content briefs are created by analyzing topics included in Google’s answer boxes, the first 5 organic placements, long-tail keyword variations, and ChatGPT by OpenAI for ideas.

Menerva Digital has content strategists and copywriters who are knowledgeable in the cybersecurity landscape. These content specialists work together to develop content on Proofpoint’s glossary pages, all while following Proofpoint’s brand guidelines and feedback.

The SEO team identifies opportunities to increase visibility in various countries. This is done by analyzing localized keyword data, discovering relevant topics for Proofpoint, and developing high-performing content. Menerva Digital translates, localizes, and optimizes blogs and glossaries for 8 different languages.

When Proofpoint acquires a new company, Menerva Digital’s technical experts help lead the website migration processes to effectively consolidate newly-acquired web properties into  In doing so, Menerva Digital develops a detailed Go-Live Checklist, a content analysis report, and works with Proofpoint’s Product Marketing Managers on what assets to transfer over and where to host them.

Menerva Digital helps increase Proofpoint’s online authority through strategic content placements on third-party sites. This is achieved by working with publishers and other third parties to promote Proofpoint’s content and feature its technology solutions.

The SEO team continuously monitors Proofpoint’s competitors and creates competitive audits that outline additional opportunities for improvement. The analysis includes keyword gaps, content gaps, and online authority. Based on these audit findings, the SEO team comes up with targeted strategies to improve performance.

Menerva Digital’s SEO team conducts extensive technical audits each year as well as routine technical SEO maintenance every month. When issues are identified, the SEO team either fixes them or works with Proofpoint’s website development agency to fix them. All identified issues are prioritized based on opportunity. All reported issues contain detailed information, such as what the issue is, examples of the issue, what is expected to happen, and steps on how to fix it.

Menerva Digital provides user experience and conversion rate optimization recommendations on an ongoing basis to ensure that high-traffic pages engage users and support target conversion goals.

Menerva Digital provides ongoing website development support to help guide the implementation of the SEO team’s suggestions and publish new content on the Proofpoint site. This support helps expedite critical updates and accelerates overall success.

As an extension of the Proofpoint team, Menerva Digital is integrated into Proofpoint’s project workflows and collaborative communications. This leads to a more streamlined approach to optimizing content across the site. Menerva staffs a dedicated project manager that helps prioritize requests to ensure deadlines are met on time.

Menerva Digital uses automated reports to monitor performance on a weekly basis and create more extensive monthly reports. The team analyzes performance and provides suggestions for improvement. Reports are created within Looker Studio (Google Data Studio).

In addition to the activities above, Menerva Digital also provides Proofpoint with basic metadata and on-page optimization activities. The team helps Proofpoint come up with dynamic ways to optimize both content and technical elements, as well as make manual tweaks and optimizations to support ongoing success.

“Menerva Digital always delivers top results. Their impressive track-record has given our company confidence in pinning our go-to-market strategy around the insights Menerva Digital provides. The results of this have translated into increased sales and a positive impact for the bottom line. Its why we don’t see Menerva Digital as just an agency, but an indispensable strategic partner.”

Rahman Zolfaghari

Director of Digital Marketing at Proofpoint

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