Increasing organic visibility for Maisonette

Maisonette was founded by two mothers in 2017 with the goal of helping modern families navigate the journey of raising the next generation. Fast-forward to today and Maisonette is an expertly-curated baby and children’s marketplace featuring the best products from around the globe.

Maisonette partnered with the Menerva Digital team to build out its organic search strategy. The overarching goal was to identify dynamic ways to increase visibility while also targeting Maisonette’s most important keywords.



Comprehensive keyword research was conducted to identify opportunities to better optimize existing pages, while also identifying opportunities, or “content gaps”, to build out new pages and content on the site. The content gap analysis resulted in specific action items and targeted strategies to rank for more relevant keywords. Action items included a list of new pages to create, renaming products or product categories, redirecting duplicate content, allowing search engines to crawl more faceted pages, adding content to a list of existing pages, and more.

A technical analysis of the entire site was conducted to identify barriers that were hindering visibility. A number of items were examined, including page speed performance, content accessibility to search bots, crawl errors, XML sitemap configuration, pagination setup, structured data usage, and much more. The team outlined a prioritized list of action items and worked with the website development team to talk through how recommendations can be efficiently implemented.

With Maisonette being such a large eCommerce site, it was important to find a way to automate metadata optimization. The team built out a series of dynamic templates that would then be used to populate metadata, such as title tags, meta descriptions, and heading tags.

While the dynamic template played a significant role in optimizing pages, several pages needed manual metadata optimization. Utilizing keyword research from the content gap analysis, the team delivered batches of page optimizations each month, prioritized by search opportunity and their ability to rank.

Most of Maisonette’s faceted navigation (composed of filters) was not visible to search engines. The team delivered detailed technical recommendations on how to make these pages crawlable while mitigating duplicate or thin content concerns. This allowed Google to crawl and index important pages, thus enabling Maisonette to rank for thousands of long-tailed search phrases.

“Menerva Digital launched their program at Maisonette two years ago and helped grow our organic traffic by 40%, reducing our reliance on costly paid media. We have access to a network of top tier talent across content and technical for a competitive price compared to a traditional agency. They are an extension of our team and work cross functionally to deliver value.”

Katie Bullman

Senior Director, Growth & Site Experience at Maisonette

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